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Self Invested Personal Pension

A self invested personal pension (also known as a SIPP) is a UK government approved pension plan which is very similar to a normal personal pension but you have much more control over what your fund is invested in and can choose what assets to buy, lease or sell.

With a SIPP pension plan, you receive tax rebates on your contributions and there is a much larger range of investments such as shares, commercial property, equities etc that you can hold within the plan which you cant with a regular personal pension plan.

The same rules as with a personal pension scheme also apply with a SIPP such as the level of contributions, benefit withdrawal etc.

Any income earned from assets held within the Self Invested Personal Pension Plan are free from income tax and any asset growth is free from capital gains tax.

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Choosing the right Pension

Weve teamed up with many IFAs who are some of the UKs leading independent financial advice websites to help you make the right decision with your pension choices & retirement plans and because they are fully independent, they can advise on a wide range of funds from the whole of the UK market.

Our quick and simple online sipp pension enquiry form will gather just enough information for us to compare the different pension options available to you.

Our friendly team of partnered financial advisors work very hard researching & comparing the best investment funds and we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and resources.

With many years experience in both arranging and advising on pension funds you can be sure that you will be offered good sound impartial advice.

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